Is Tozo a Good Brand

Is Tozo a good brand? Should you buy Tozo products?

These questions might come to mind if you’re considering purchasing Tozo products such as earbuds, headphones, speakers, or even smartwatches.

You might have been drawn in by online reviews of Tozo products, sparking your interest.

In this Tozo brand review, we’ll uncover the truth about the Tozo brand and its products.

About Tozo

The TOZO brand was registered and established in 2015 in Seattle, USA, with a commitment to providing people with the latest technology at affordable prices.

Since its launch, the company has experienced significant growth and currently boasts a user base of over 20 million globally.

While these numbers may not rival those of tech giants like Apple or Samsung, they are impressive, considering TOZO’s status as a relatively new brand.

The company has employed various technologies to ensure that its products are both high-quality and budget-friendly.

Product Range

Tozo Product Range

It’s better to focus on a few categories instead of all to maintain product quality. Most probably, the company has kept this in mind and has launched a limited number of products, including:

  • TWS earbuds
  • Headphones
  • Speakers
  • Watches
  • Accessories

Quality and Durability

The benefit of focusing on a select range of products is that a company can prioritize product quality, and this is true for Tozo.

Upon analyzing various Tozo TWS earbuds, a headphone, and a speaker, we found that their products exhibit commendable durability.

Comparing Tozo’s earbuds to premium options such as the Apple AirPods Pro 2 reveals Apple’s offering to be undeniably more premium, but for the price, Tozo’s earbuds maintain a solid build quality without feeling cheap.

For a new brand to achieve comparable quality to premium options is commendable.

It’s important to note that not all Tozo products show the same level of durability, as some are good but not impressive.

However, considering their price point, most of Tozo’s products offer commendable build quality, particularly their earbuds.

The same holds true for their smartwatches, although there are exceptions like the Tozo S2 Mini, which falls short in overall quality.

In summary, while most Tozo products boast durability, it’s advisable to choose wisely, as a few offerings fail to meet the same quality standards.

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Brand Popularity & Market Reputation

Establishing a solid reputation takes considerable time, and unfortunately, Tozo hasn’t yet achieved widespread recognition.

Tozo is indeed a popular brand, especially in the USA, accumulating over 20 million users, but it hasn’t attained the same level of recognition as brands like JBL, Sony, and Samsung.

However, tech-savvy individuals who stay updated with gadgets are familiar with the Tozo brand.

You might not have heard of Tozo before, but after encountering numerous positive reviews of their products, you might find yourself searching for them.

Although Tozo has expanded into international markets, it still lacks the recognition of larger brands.

The upside is that if Tozo maintains its current level of product quality, it will become a reputable global brand.

Currently, Tozo isn’t as widely recognized as other premium brands, although it enjoys decent popularity in the USA.

Regarding market reputation, those who have used Tozo products, particularly their earbuds, are aware of their quality.

Despite not being universally recognized, Tozo has a positive market reputation, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with the brand.

Design Aesthetics

Tozo Design Asthetics

While we appreciate the brand thus far, we wouldn’t describe their design department as exceptional.


Because the design of Tozo products has reached its peak. There’s little room for extraordinary innovation in this area.

Take earbuds, for instance. The traditional design is already effective and comfortable, leaving little need for significant changes.

The same applies to headphones, speakers, and smartwatches.

Does this mean that Tozo products have poor or outdated designs?

No, Tozo products boast modern and appealing designs.

What we’re conveying is that certain products don’t require major design changes because their existing designs are already practical for the masses.

Therefore, while Tozo products may not feature groundbreaking designs, they are functional and have modern aesthetics.

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Pricing and Value for Money

If a brand maintains reasonable pricing for its products, they inherently become value-for-money propositions.

Tozo has prioritized this aspect and priced their products quite reasonably.

While they do offer some higher-priced options, such as the Tozo Gold X1 for $149, the features and performance they provide automatically justify their value for money.

It’s important to note that we’re not claiming Tozo products deliver mind-blowing performance. Rather, they offer satisfaction with what they deliver.

We’re happy to highlight that most Tozo products are competitively priced and offer excellent value for money.

This excellent price-to-performance ratio is a key factor behind the admiration for Tozo products.

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Products Performance

Most Tozo products offer satisfactory performance.

For instance, their TWS earbuds deliver commendable sound quality considering their price point, their Bluetooth speakers also provide good audio output, and their smartwatches perform admirably.

It’s important to understand that Tozo products perform in line with their pricing. It means that if you’re purchasing $20 earbuds, you shouldn’t expect them to perform like $50 ones.

Keeping the price of Tozo products in mind, you’ll generally find satisfaction with their performance overall.

Customer Reviews and Feedback


We’ve conducted a comprehensive analysis of customer reviews and discovered that approximately 85% to 90% of users express satisfaction with Tozo products. This is evident from the ratings, with these products averaging 4.3 stars.

Achieving such high ratings from thousands of users is no small feat and speaks volumes about the quality of the products.

In case you’re skeptical about the authenticity of these ratings, our further analysis revealed that the majority of reviews are from genuine buyers worldwide.

Therefore, it’s fair to conclude that Tozo products have successfully satisfied a significant portion of their user base by consistently delivering quality products.

Comparison with Competitors

When comparing Tozo to other brands like JBL, Soundcore, Earfun, etc., we found it to be on par in terms of product quality.

However, it’s important to clarify that this article’s focus on Tozo doesn’t imply defaming other brands without reason.

Other brands are also excelling in delivering quality products, and there’s nothing wrong with preferring them over Tozo.

Yes, Tozo products are good and budget-friendly, but the same can be said for products from other brands.

One advantage Tozo offers is competitive pricing. While other brands also provide budget-friendly options, Tozo’s products tend to be slightly more affordable, making them a better value-for-money proposition.

Therefore, if you’re on a tight budget, opting for Tozo is a wise decision. However, if you can stretch your budget a bit, other brands also offer viable options worth considering.

Overall, Tozo stands on par with other reputable brands in the industry.

App Support

Tozo App Support

After product quality, app support is equally crucial for accessing all features seamlessly.

Unfortunately, Tozo has fallen short in this aspect.

To utilize their audio products, you’ll need the Tozo Sound app, and for their smartwatch, the Tozo Health app is required. However, both apps are full of bugs.

While they generally function, there are instances where they fail to detect devices or connect properly.

Numerous users have voiced complaints about the app, leading to product returns due to connectivity issues with smartphones.

The positive aspect is that this is not an impossible obstacle. Developers can enhance the app over time. However, as of now, it’s not the most seamless experience, and the company should prioritize improving it.

The most popular Tozo products include:

  • Tozo T10 TWS earbuds
  • Tozo A1 Mini TWS earbuds
  • Tozo T6 TWS earbuds
  • Tozo NC9 TWS earbuds
  • Tozo Dots (T12) TWS earbuds

Additionally, some products with high sales include the HT2 Headphones and S3 Smartwatch, but the aforementioned TWS earbuds stand out as the most popular offerings.

It’s evident that TWS earbuds are the best-selling products from the company.

Final Verdict: Is Tozo a Good Brand?

So, the Tozo products are reliable, deliver good performance, and compete well with other brands. Does it mean Tozo is a good brand?

Well, yes, Tozo is undoubtedly a good brand. Their products are good and worth buying.

However, we strongly advise you to select Tozo products carefully to ensure they align with your specific needs and preferences.

For instance, if you’re passionate about bass and purchase Tozo TWS earbuds that primarily focuses on vocals and trebles, you may find yourself disappointed. It’s essential to keep these considerations in mind before making a purchase.

Moreover, if you believe that another brand offers better value for your requirements, you’re entirely free to opt for that brand.

We’ve simply conveyed that Tozo is a good brand, but ultimately, the decision to choose it or not rests entirely with you.

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1. What products does Tozo specialize in?

While Tozo manufactures a variety of products, they specialize in producing good-quality TWS earbuds and headphones at affordable prices.

Although some of their products may carry higher price tags, they justify these costs by delivering good performance.

2. Is TOZO compatible with iPhone?

Yes, Tozo products are compatible with iPhones. However, to utilize Tozo audio products, you’ll need to install the Tozo Sound app, and for Tozo Smartwatch functionality, you’ll require the Tozo Health app.

It’s worth noting that the app may experience functionality issues, and you can encounter bugs during operation.

3. Are Tozo products durable and long-lasting?

Yes, Tozo products are durable and built to last. However, their longevity significantly depends on how they are handled and cared for.

Careless handling, such as throwing the products around, may lead to hardware issues occurring sooner than expected.

Nevertheless, with proper care and handling, Tozo products can last for years without any significant issues.

4. Are Tozo products affordable compared to other brands in the market?

Yes, Tozo products are indeed affordable compared to offerings from other brands. While other brands also provide quality products at competitive prices, Tozo maintains an edge due to its slightly more competitive pricing.

5. Should you choose Tozo over other brands?

You can certainly consider choosing Tozo over other brands, but it’s not mandatory, as other brands also present compelling options.

We recommend creating a priority list and assessing whether Tozo products align with your needs. If they do, then opting for Tozo is a suitable choice. However, if they don’t, exploring options from other brands is equally viable.

6. Is Tozo a Chinese company

No, Tozo is not a Chinese company. It’s a US-based company. The company was founded in Seattle, USA.

So, Is Tozo a good brand? We hope our Tozo brand review helped you know that.

If you still have any doubts, Feel free to ask us in the comment section. We would love to assist you.

Additionally, please share your thoughts if you agree or disagree with the points mentioned above.

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