Is RTX 4050 Good

If you’re spending between $700 and $1200 on a gaming laptop, it’s highly likely to come with an RTX 4050 GPU.

While you may get other GPUs, the RTX 4050 is the most common in this price range.

Now, the question arises: is RTX 4050 good for tasks like gaming, video editing, 3D rendering, and more?

After analyzing laptops equipped with the RTX 4050 GPU paired with an Intel i7-13700H CPU, here’s our take on this GPU.

Main Specifications of the RTX 4050

  • Architecture: Ada Lovelace
  • TMUs: 80
  • ROPs: 32
  • Raytracing Cores: 20
  • Tensor / AI Cores: 80
  • Core Speed: 2370 MHz
  • Wattage: 115 Watt (35 – 115 Watt TGP)
  • Technology: 5nm
  • PCIe: 4.0 x16
  • Displays: 4 Displays (max.), HDMI 2.1, DisplayPort 1.4a
  • L2 Cache: 12 MB
  • Memory Speed: 2000 MHz
  • Memory Bus Width: 96 Bit
  • Memory Type: GDDR6
  • Max. Amount of Memory: 6 GB
  • Shared Memory: no
  • Memory Bandwidth: 192 GB/s

Is RTX 4050 Powerful Enough?

Many people may find the naming convention confusing, as ‘4050’ sounds very powerful. However, the reality is slightly different.

While it may seem like a powerhouse, it’s not the most high-end option on the market.

However, this doesn’t mean that the RTX 4050 isn’t capable of handling games, video editing, or heavy applications.

In simple terms, the RTX 4050 is quite powerful as an upper mid-range laptop GPU, though it’s not the most high-end option available.

We’ll get into its performance in more detail later, but we want to convey that theĀ RTX 4050 is adequately powerful.

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How Brands can Trick Buyers?

While the RTX 4050 is indeed powerful, its performance is significantly influenced by its wattage.

Many brands obscure the wattage output of their GPUs, potentially selling lower-wattage models under the guise of the RTX 4050.

It can lead to a misleading perception of performance, where impressive results from higher-wattage RTX 4050 GPUs may lead consumers to believe they’ll achieve similar performance across the lineup, only to end up purchasing a lower-wattage option at a seemingly attractive price point of $700.

While you might get a powerful variant for $700, it’s crucial to analyze the GPU’s wattage.

Unfortunately, most companies don’t readily disclose this information, and consumers have to determine it themselves.

We strongly advise opting for a higher-wattage GPU whenever possible, as it typically delivers the best performance.

Comparison with Previous Generation GPUs

RTX 4050 vs other

It’s important to note that the RTX 4050 is an upgrade from the RTX 3050, not from the RTX 3060 or 3070.

When comparing the RTX 4050 to the RTX 3060, in most cases, the RTX 3060 will outperform it.

When compared to its real predecessor, the RTX 3050, the primary advantage that the RTX 3050 still holds is its higher number of ROPs. The RTX 3050 had 40 ROPs, while the RTX 4050 now features 32.

ROPs, or Render Output Units, determine the number of pixels output per clock cycle, thus affecting frame rates and image quality.

Technically, the RTX 4050 may result in slightly lower image quality due to fewer ROPs, but in real-world usage, the difference is negligible. Image quality remains comparable to the RTX 3050, so there’s no significant cause for concern.

Aside from this, the RTX 4050 performs better than the RTX 3050 in all other aspects.

Regarding the performance gap between the RTX 4050 and its predecessor, the RTX 3050, the RTX 4050 boasts around an 15 to 20% improvement.

It’s a significant improvement.

For instance, if a game averages 100 FPS with the RTX 3050, it would likely average around 130 FPS with the RTX 4050.

While the upgrade may not seem huge, the RTX 4050 offers improvements in various aspects such as clock speed, floating-point performance, pixel rate, memory clock speed, texture rate, and effective memory clock speed.

Overall, the RTX 4050 is a surely more powerful option compared to previous generation GPUs like the RTX 3050.

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Price and Value Proposition

The pricing of RTX 3050 and RTX 4050 laptops may vary depending on the configuration and brand. Typically, you can find an RTX 3050 laptop priced between $650 to $800 in the USA, while an RTX 4050 laptop ranges from $699 to $1000.

From our perspective, the price difference is reasonable.

While acknowledging that the RTX 4050 isn’t a high-end GPU, it still offers good value for its price point.

For instance, if you come across a laptop priced at $800 featuring an i5 13th Gen or i7 12th Gen H series CPU, 16GB RAM, 512GB NVMe SSD, and an RTX 4050 GPU at 90W, it presents a solid value proposition.

Alternatively, you will find laptops priced around $1100 with the same GPU but boasting additional features like a 3.2K display, i9 13th Gen H series CPU, and 32GB DDR5x RAM, among others. Even at this higher price point, these laptops offer great value considering the other’s enhanced features.

Overall, RTX 4050 laptops are reasonably priced, especially when considering the accompanying features.

Any laptop equipped with this GPU priced between $700 to $1100, or slightly above, can be considered a good value-for-money deal, depending on wattage.

User Reviews and Feedback

We’ve conducted a thorough analysis of user reviews and found that the majority express satisfaction with the performance of the RTX 4050.

On average, RTX 4050 laptops have received a rating of 4.2 stars, which is generally considered excellent.

However, it’s important to note that relying solely on ratings may not always align with individual priorities and requirements.

For users engaging in moderate to slightly heavy gaming or 4K video editing with a few effects and layers, the GPU will never disappoint you.

On the other hand, for gamers who consistently push the limits with intensive titles at higher settings, the GPU will struggle to maintain consistent frame rates.

Therefore, it’s crucial to first assess your specific usage needs. By doing so, you can effectively harness the GPU’s capabilities to their fullest extent and ensure a satisfactory experience for your requirements.

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Is RTX 4050 Good for Gaming?

Is RTX 4050 Good for Gaming

In addition to factors like CPU, RAM, and SSD type, the gaming performance of an RTX 4050 laptop is significantly impacted by its wattage.

For optimal gaming experience, it’s recommended to opt for a model with a TDP (Thermal Design Power) of at least 90W. If the wattage is higher, even better.

Given the various versions of the RTX 4050 available with different wattages, it’s essential to select a GPU with a higher wattage for better performance.

Based on our tests conducted with an RTX 4050 100W GPU paired with 16GB of RAM, here are our findings:

  • The Last of Us Part-1 at 1080p with DLSS OFF: Average 55 FPS
  • Assassins Creed Valhalla at 1080p with DLSS OFF: Average 75 FPS
  • Apex Legends at 1080p: Average 135 FPS
  • Uncharted 4 at 1080p with DLSS OFF: Average 75 FPS
  • The Witcher 3 at 1080p with DLSS ON: Average 90 FPS
  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider at 1080p: Average 110 FPS
  • RDR 2 at 1080p settings with DLSS OFF: Average 55 FPS
  • PUBG at 1080p settings: Average 100 FPS
  • GTA V at 1080p settings: Average 95 FPS
  • God of War at 1080p settings with DLSS Quality: Average 100 FPS

From the data, it’s clear that the RTX 4050 is a capable GPU for 1080p gaming at medium to higher settings.

However, it’s crucial to consider the impact of lower-wattage GPUs, such as those rated at 75W. In such cases, expect a reduction in FPS by approximately 20-25%.

For instance, a game that achieves an average of 100 FPS with a 100W GPU may drop to around 60 to 70 FPS with a 75W GPU.

So overall, while GPU wattage significantly affects gaming performance, the RTX 4050 overall proves to be a capable option for Full HD gaming.

Is RTX 4050 Good for Video Editing?

Is RTX 4050 good for editing

Indeed, the RTX 4050 packs enough power to handle video editing tasks. However, it’s essential to note that a minimum wattage of 80W is necessary for smoother editing experiences.

Opting for lower wattage variants may result in noticeable lag and significantly longer rendering times.

What about editing 4K videos? The RTX 4050 can manage 4K editing with some layers and effects applied.

However, we don’t advise relying on this GPU for extensive 4K editing with numerous effects and layers. For such demanding tasks, a more powerful GPU is recommended.

Nevertheless, it performs admirably for editing from Full HD to 4K videos, although its capabilities for intensive 4K editing are somewhat limited.

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Is RTX 4050 Good for 3D Rendering?

The RTX 4050 has powerful architecture and hardware, making it quite effective for 3D rendering tasks. It has advanced features like real-time ray tracing and AI-driven enhancements, which significantly improve rendering speeds and quality.

However, whether the RTX 4050 is suitable for your 3D rendering needs significantly depends on the complexity of the scenes and the software being used.

For lighter 3D rendering tasks or small to medium-sized projects, the RTX 4050 delivers an excellent performance. It can easily handle rendering tasks for animations, visualizations, and architectural designs.

On the other hand, if you have more demanding or professional-level 3D rendering work, such as high-resolution animations, complex simulations, or large-scale architectural projects, you will require a more powerful GPU. In such cases, higher-end GPUs like the RTX 4060 or RTX 4070 would be more suitable choices.

Overall, the RTX 4050 can handle 3D rendering tasks, but the choice depends on the specific requirements of your projects and the level of performance you need.

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Is RTX 4050 Good for AutoCAD and Design Applications?

The RTX 4050 is powerful enough for handling AutoCAD and various design applications. However, its performance will depend on the complexity of the designs and the specific requirements of the software being used.

For basic to moderate usage, the RTX 4050 is more than enough for smooth navigation and rendering. However, for more demanding tasks which include complex 3D models or large-scale projects, we highly recommend a higher-tier GPU with increased processing power.

Overall, the RTX 4050 is powerful enough for using CAD and other designing applications.

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Conclusion: Is RTX 4050 Good for Your Needs?

The RTX 4050 is a highly capable GPU, suitable for the needs of the vast majority of users, approximately 80%. However, the remaining 20% are those who engage in very demanding tasks such as intense gaming, video editing, and 3D rendering.

If you’re gaming at Full HD settings, editing Full HD videos, and occasionally dabbling in 4K, and not dealing with the most complex projects, then the RTX 4050 will meet your needs admirably.

We highly recommend paying close attention to the power wattage, as it significantly impacts overall performance. Opting for a variant with a higher wattage TDP ensures smoother operation, particularly during demanding tasks.

Always prioritise a higher wattage TDP variant for optimal performance.

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1. Is the RTX 4050 a good GPU?

The RTX 4050 is a good and capable GPU that will satisfy the needs of the majority of users. However, it’s important to ensure that your system is equipped with other high-quality hardware components, such as a capable CPU, fast RAM, and an SSD.

Additionally, prioritising a GPU variant with higher output wattage is crucial for the best performance.

2. Is RTX 4050 good for game development?

Yes, the RTX 4050 is a good choice for game development. It has enough power to handle tasks like coding, rendering, and testing game environments.

However, for more complex games or larger projects, you should consider a high-end GPU, like RTX 4060 or 4070, to ensure smoother performance and faster processing times.

3. Is RTX 4050 good for graphic design?

The RTX 4050 is great for graphic design work. It provides enough power to handle tasks like image editing, illustration, and working with design software smoothly.

While it can also handle complex projects, for high-end projects or professional-grade work, you should consider more power GPU.

4. Does the RTX 4050 support ray tracing and DLSS?

Yes, the RTX 4050 supports both ray tracing and DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling).

Ray tracing enhances the realism of lighting, shadows, and reflections in games, while DLSS uses AI to boost frame rates and image quality. These features contribute to a more immersive gaming experience and improved performance on supported games.

So, is RTX 4050 good? We are sure you know the answer now. If you still have any doubts, feel free to ask us in the comment section.

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Also, share your thoughts if you agree or disagree with the points mentioned above.

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