GizCompare was established with the aim of providing honest and comprehensive comparisons and evaluations of everyday gadgets, CPUs, apps, games, and software services.

We understand the challenge of making informed decisions amidst the plethora of available options and the fact that most articles are filled with affiliate links.

Our commitment is to provide unbiased and transparent assessments of all products and services, helping you choose the best options with confidence.

Why Trust Us?

At GizCompare, you won’t encounter any affiliate links, allowing you to choose the gadget of your choice from anywhere you want.

On the internet, most articles are filled with affiliate links. While using affiliate links is not necessarily bad, it can restrict the reviewer from revealing all the hidden cons. Readers trust those reviews and proceed with the purchase, but later they may find that the gadget they bought doesn’t meet their expectations.

We don’t have any such restrictions, allowing us to give honest recommendations. As a result, you can buy the best gadget from any source you prefer.

Additionally, we are transparent about our reviews and comparisons because we understand that no product is perfect, and there are always hidden cons that most reviewers hide from you.

But don’t worry, we don’t do that. You will get both the positives and negatives of any product or software service.

At GizCompare, our foremost goal isn’t to earn commissions but to provide you with trustworthy recommendations.

The Review and Comparison Process

We don’t simply churn out hastily written reviews. Instead, we delve deep into every aspect of gadgets, brands, apps, and software, empowering you to make informed decisions about whether a product suits your needs.

Our aim is to provide an honest assessment, leaving the purchasing decision entirely in your hands. Therefore, our review and comparison process is completely transparent.

We buy most of the gadgets and have hands-on experience with them. After using these gadgets, we provide honest reviews and comparisons, covering every aspect in detail.

Meet the Team

I’m Aditya, the Editor-In-Chief of GizCompare. My profound interest lies in the realm of everyday gadgets and software services.

With over five years of experience in the technology sector, I’ve had the privilege to test and explore a diverse range of gadgets.

You can trust my reviews, comparisons, and recommendations as I work for you, not the brands.

Thank you for visiting GizCompare.