Are Raycon Earbuds Good

Raycon earbuds and headphones have become really popular in the USA, catching the eye of many consumers.

A big reason for their popularity is the sponsored content you might have seen. They’ve done a lot of advertising for their earbuds.

But hey, we’re not sponsored by Raycon, and we won’t be. That means we can give you our honest thoughts.

So, if you’re thinking about buying something from Raycon, you might wonder: is Raycon a good brand? Are their products worth it?

Well, here’s what we really think about Raycon and their products.

About Raycon

Raycon is an electronics brand started by Ray J and Ray Lee back in 2017.

It’s based in the USA, with its main office in New York, NY. Even though its full name is Raycon Global, it mostly does business in the USA.

Raycon sells multiple electronics products, but it’s best known for its wireless audio gear like earbuds and headphones.

The company claims it makes reliable and delightful tech gadgets, but we’ll see about that soon.

With so many other companies in the electronics game, let’s see how Raycon measures up against the competition.

Raycon Products

Raycon has a range of electronic products, including:

  • Earbuds
  • Headphones
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Power Tech (like charging cables, power banks, fast chargers, and wireless charging pads)

Even though they’re super popular in the USA, Raycon doesn’t have a huge variety of electronics.

While we listed a bunch of different types of products, they only offer a limited selection within each category.

Design and Build Quality

Raycon Earbuds Design and Build

When it comes to comfort and design, it really depends on the person since everyone’s ears are different.

But in our opinion, Raycon earbuds are comfortable, although not the most comfortable out there.


Well, most of their earbuds, except for the Everyday Earbuds Pro, have a regular small-size design that might not fit everyone’s ears perfectly.

They feel fine for a while, but after about an hour, they can make your ears feel tired.

On the flip side, Raycon headphones are pretty comfy. They use soft cushioned pads that don’t cause any discomfort.

The build quality of all Raycon products is good, but it’s not as premium as, say, the AirPods Pro 2. Everything is made of plastic, whether it’s earbuds, headphones, or speakers. But they still feel solid and don’t come across as cheap.

Overall, the build and design of Raycon earbuds and headphones are good. They might not be the absolute best, but considering the price, they’re definitely acceptable.

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Performance and Sound Quality

No matter how well-built the audio gear is, if it doesn’t sound good, it’s not worth much, as the sound quality is the top reason for buying any audio equipment.

Unfortunately, sound quality has been the weak spot for Raycon products.

Let’s start with the earbuds.

Their most popular earbuds, The Everyday Earbuds and The Fitness Earbuds, have received over 150K ratings combined, mostly five stars. But when we actually listened to them, we were surprised the ratings were so high.

Was the sound really that bad?

It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t great either. It was just kind of average.

We usually enjoy a good bass, but on these earbuds, it lacked depth and felt hollow. Even when we tried the bass mode, it just unnecessarily boosted the bass and drowned out the vocals.

In Pure Sound mode, the trebles became too sharp in some songs, making them a bit uncomfortable to listen to.

The balanced mode was the most usable, where vocals were clear and trebles remained crisp. However, the bass still didn’t quite measure up.

So, no matter which mode you chose, there was always something lacking.

Surprisingly, in some songs, the earbuds delivered decent sound. But, in many others, especially those with heavy bass, they failed to deliver a good audio experience.

On the other hand, the headphones showed some improvement in sound quality compared to the earbuds. It was not the best, but it was decent and a bit better than the earbuds.

Unfortunately, there’s no app support for Raycon products, at least not yet. So, you’ll have to rely on your music streaming apps like Spotify to customize the sound using the equalizer.

Overall, the sound quality of Raycon earbuds and headphones is average. They sound good in some songs, but in others, they can be disappointing.

Pricing and Value for Money

Raycon Earbuds Price

The cheapest Raycon earbuds start at $79.99, which we’d say is a pretty fair price. But honestly, the performance you get out of them doesn’t quite match up to that $80 mark.

Their pricier earbuds go up to $150, and at that price point, there are definitely better options available.

Raycon headphones start at $100 and go up to $150, as well.

So, what’s our take on the pricing? Are Raycon earbuds and headphones value for money?

Well, the pricing is definitely attractive, but the features and performance you get for that price are a bit lacking. The company could have offered more features, which would have really benefited them.

To be completely honest, Raycon products don’t offer the best bang for your buck. They’re worth the price, but only to a certain extent.

If the company had focused more on improving the sound quality, these products would have been a much better value for the money.

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Brand Reputation

Raycon has built up a pretty solid reputation in the market, but a big chunk of that credit goes to YouTubers and influencers.

The company reached out to these influencers heavily to promote their products, and many of them did just that.

What was the outcome?

Well, a lot of people learned about Raycon through their favorite influencers and ended up buying their products.

Was that a bad thing?

Not necessarily. There’s nothing wrong with reaching out to influencers to spread the word about your products. But if you ask those influencers to hype up your products and they don’t quite live up to the hype, then that’s not cool.

We’re not saying Raycon products are awful. They’re decent. But they might not be as amazing as some influencers have made them out to be.

Despite all that, Raycon has still managed to carve out a good reputation in the market.

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Customer Reviews

Here’s where things can get a little tricky. Raycon products have hundreds of thousands of ratings, with many of them being five stars.

But when you look closely, you’ll find that there’s a significant number of users who weren’t impressed with the overall sound quality of their earbuds or headphones. They’ve also run into issues with connectivity and other problems.

Interestingly, these users who’ve had issues are also confused by the high ratings Raycon products receive.

Now, we’re not saying these are all paid reviews, but it is surprising to see average products garnering so much hype and high ratings.

So, should you trust these user ratings?

Yes, you can, but don’t just focus on the positive ones. Take a close look at the low ratings, too, and pay attention to what people are saying.

While most users might be happy with their Raycon products, it’s important to carefully consider your own needs before making a decision.

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Comparison with Other Brands

When we stack up Raycon against other brands, we honestly believe there are much better options out there for earbuds and headphones.

If you’re on a tight budget, there are more affordable choices from brands like JBL, Soundcore, and Beats. For even cheaper alternatives, you might consider brands like Tozo and JLab.

But a quick heads up: while these brands have some good products, they also have some that are just average. So, it’s best to do your research and find the one that fits your needs and budget the best.

When we compared Raycon to these other brands, we found that other brand’s earbuds and headphones offer better value. They either deliver better sound for the same price or cost less while still providing similar or even better sound quality.

So, all in all, when it comes to getting the most bang for your buck, other brands tend to outshine Raycon.

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Are Raycon Earbuds Good?

Are Raycon Earbuds Good

After looking at everything, we can say that Raycon earbuds aren’t bad, but they’re just okay.

They only have a few earbuds in their lineup, and each one seems to be missing something when it comes to sound quality.

While they’re not terrible, they lack the sound and features that would make them stand out as a great buy.

Raycon earbuds sound decent, but compared to earbuds from other brands, they feel a bit overpriced and don’t quite deliver the performance you might expect.

So, we really recommend carefully considering whether Raycon earbuds are right for you.

The best thing to do is to visit a store and try them out before buying. If you find them to be what you need, then by all means, go for it. But if not, there are plenty of better options out there.

Raycon also offers a 30-day free trial on their official website, which gives you the chance to test out the quality for yourself.

Overall, our experience with Raycon earbuds was just average at best. Sometimes they’re pretty good, but other times, they just feel mediocre.

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Are Raycon Headphones Good?

Are Raycon Headphones Good

The story with Raycon headphones is a bit better than with their earbuds. With headphones, you’ll generally get better sound quality, with clear vocals and crisp trebles.

However, the bass quality isn’t quite up to par. It’s still better than what you’ll find in their earbuds, though.

So, if you’re considering getting headphones, Raycon’s might be a decent choice. But if there are other options available for the same price, you should prioritize those first.

Overall, Raycon headphones are good, but they’re not the absolute best. If you’re looking for the best value for your money, you should explore options from other brands.

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Is Raycon a Good Brand?

The quality of products often speaks for the brand itself. If a product is genuinely good, it tends to gain attention and popularity over time without much effort in promotion.

However, from what we’ve seen, the Raycon products we’ve analyzed so far don’t seem to offer anything exceptional, whether it’s in terms of sound or other features.

Overall, their products are just okay, and it’s important not to have unrealistic expectations based on what influencers might have led you to believe.

So, in line with their products, Raycon as a brand can be considered decent. It’s not the worst out there, but it’s not the best either.

It’s worth noting that companies have the opportunity to improve the quality of their products with each new release, and we hope to see Raycon do just that in the future.

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Conclusion: Should You Buy Raycon Earbuds and Headphones?

If we were in the market for new earbuds or headphones, our first step would be to compare different brands. If we had to choose between Raycon and others, we’d likely opt for the alternatives.

For example, if our budget fell between $80 and $100, we’d consider brands like JBL, Soundcore, Beats, and even Nothing.

And if we were willing to spend around $150, we’d lean towards options from Samsung, JBL, or even Google.

Our point is that while you certainly can purchase Raycon earbuds or headphones, we’d recommend exploring other brands as well. If you find better value with another brand’s products, go for it. Raycon still has plenty of room for improvement.

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1. Are Raycon earbuds high quality?

The build quality of Raycon earbuds is definitely solid. However, when it comes to features and performance, they don’t quite match up to the standards set by premium brands, especially considering their price.

While Raycon earbuds are decent, they don’t quite reach the high-quality level you’d expect from top-tier brands.

2. Are Raycon earbuds and headphones suitable for sports and active lifestyles?

Yes, Raycon earbuds and headphones are well-suited for sports and an active lifestyle. They even have dedicated models like The Fitness Earbuds and The Fitness Headphones specifically designed for activities like sports, running, or gym workouts.

3. Do Raycon earbuds and headphones offer noise-canceling features?

Except for the Raycon The Everyday Earbuds, all other earbuds and headphones from Raycon offer Active Noise Cancellation (ANC).

Although the ANC quality might not reach premium levels, it’s still effective enough, capable of blocking out approximately 80% of external noise.

4. Do Raycon earbuds and headphones come with customizable EQ settings?

Due to the absence of dedicated app support, Raycon earbuds and headphones don’t offer customizable EQ settings. However, you can still adjust the soundstage to your liking by using the built-in equalizers of music streaming apps.

5. Are Raycon earbuds and headphones sweat-resistant or waterproof?

Depending on the model you choose, Raycon earbuds come with various IP ratings, including IPX4, IPX7, and IP67. On the other hand, Raycon headphones typically have an IPX4 rating.

If you don’t know, IPX4 protects against splashing water, IPX7 allows submersion up to 1 meter for 30 minutes, and IP67 provides the same submersion protection with added dust resistance. Out of these, IP67 offers the highest level of protection.

So, Are Raycon earbuds and headphones good? Is Raycon a good brand? We are sure you know the answer now. If you still have any doubts, feel free to ask us in the comment section.

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Also, share your thoughts if you agree or disagree with the points mentioned above.

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