NUU Phones Review

While NUU phones may not offer mind-blowing features, they are certainly a good choice for budget-conscious buyers in the USA.

If you’re considering purchasing a NUU phone, here’s our honest NUU phones review to help you decide whether NUU is the right brand for you or if you should explore other options.

About NUU Phones

NUU Mobile is not as widely recognized or popular in the USA compared to major smartphone brands like Apple, Samsung, or Google. However, it has carved out a niche market, especially among budget-conscious consumers looking for affordable smartphones.

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Miami, Florida, NUU Mobile primarily targets the USA market but has also expanded to Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

The brand focuses on producing budget-friendly phones and has also ventured into making tablets, wireless earbuds, and accessories.

NUU Mobile doesn’t compete with premium brands but rather positions itself against other budget smartphone brands like Motorola, Nokia, Xiaomi, and various other Chinese manufacturers.

One significant advantage of NUU phones is that most are sold unlocked, which provides flexibility for users to choose their preferred carriers.

Design and Build Quality

NUU Phones Design and Build Quality

Despite being a budget brand, NUU Mobile phones offer a modern design and solid build quality, especially given their budget-friendly positioning.

The aesthetic appeal is modern, with sleek profiles and minimalistic designs that are attractive and contemporary.

The bezels around the display are not the slimmest but are slim enough to match the modern appeal. Although the materials used are primarily plastic, the overall build is reasonably durable for everyday use.

Ergonomically, NUU phones are comfortable to hold, thanks to the rounded edges and well-placed buttons. They are lightweight and well-balanced, making them easy to use.

You should also note that NUU phones come with basic screen protection but can benefit from additional screen guards.

Despite not matching the premium feel of high-end brands, NUU Mobile strikes a fair balance between cost and quality.

Performance and Hardware

One thing we’ve noticed about NUU mobiles is their good performance for the price. Take, for example, the NUU B20 5G, which is about two years old and costs between $140 to $160. It features a 7nm MediaTek Dimensity 700 CPU, which still holds up well today.

The NUU B20 5G is currently part of the DADS and GRADS promotion, where you can get a second one for free after purchasing one. It means you can get a Dimensity 700 CPU for just $85, which is a great deal.

Look at other models like the NUU A25, B30 Pro, and others. They all come with decently powerful CPUs.

A noticeable trend with NUU phones is their use of MediaTek CPUs rather than Qualcomm ones. This choice helps NUU keep their phone prices as low as possible because MediaTek CPUs are generally cheaper than Qualcomm’s.

However, cheaper doesn’t mean less powerful. While MediaTek CPUs may not match Qualcomm’s performance and efficiency in the same price range, they come very close.

NUU mobiles handle everyday tasks smoothly, from app loading to multitasking. Their nearly stock user interface doesn’t burden the CPU unnecessarily, contributing to a smooth user experience.

RAM varies depending on the model, ranging from 3GB in older phones to 12GB in newer ones. We recommend opting for models with at least 6GB of RAM for better multitasking capability.

It’s important to note that NUU phones are not designed for heavy gaming, as they primarily target budget-conscious consumers. While you can play occasional games, intensive gaming will lead to lag and frame drops.

Overall, NUU phones are good at performing everyday tasks. While they may not feature high-end hardware, they are reliable performers for typical daily use.

Software Experience

NUU Phones Software Experience

One great aspect of NUU mobiles is their nearly stock Android experience. While there are some third-party apps pre-installed, you can uninstall them later if you choose.

The overall user interface feels clean, and all options are easily accessible, similar to Moto and Google phones.

However, this simplicity extends to the camera app, which can be a drawback as some options are not easily accessible. Aside from this, the overall software experience is positive.

Unfortunately, the disappointing aspect lies in software updates. Many NUU phones do not receive any major software updates beyond security patches. Only a few models receive updates for up to one year.

Therefore, if you’re considering NUU phones, we advise you to opt for newer models. Older models are unlikely to receive any software updates beyond security patches.

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Camera Capabilities

Let’s be honest. The cameras on NUU mobiles, regardless of the model you choose, are pretty average.

While NUU mobiles boast capable hardware like 48MP, 50MP, and even 108MP sensors, the software processing often falls short.

It’s clear that NUU phones require significant improvements in image processing.

For example, in good daylight conditions, photos may have good details and sharpness, but colors and dynamic range—the most crucial aspects—tend to be average. Colors appear washed out, and dynamic range fails to preserve details in shadows. Nighttime photography worsens this situation.

The same holds true for videos. While some models can record in 4K resolution, color processing, stabilization, and dynamic range are just average.

Occasionally, NUU mobiles can capture decent photos and videos, but most of the time, they deliver only average camera performance.

It’s fair to say that NUU phone cameras may be suitable for older users but will not meet the expectations of younger users who frequently take photos.

Battery Life

The battery life on NUU mobiles varies depending on the model you pick, but it ranges from average to good.

For budget models like the A15 and A23 Plus, the battery capacities are 4,180 mAh and 3,850 mAh, respectively, which is relatively low by today’s standards.

These phones, with batteries under 4,500 mAh, provide serviceable battery life with around 4 hours of screen-on time under light usage. Since these phones don’t have powerful hardware, there’s less strain on the battery, resulting in better battery life.

For models like the B20 5G and B30 Pro 5G, the battery is bigger 5000 mAh, offering around 7 hours of screen-on time.

While battery life ultimately depends on how you use your phone, we generally recommend choosing models with a 5,000 mAh battery, as this will typically provide a full day of battery life.

A downside of NUU mobiles is their 18W charging capability. While this helps keep costs low, it takes around 2 hours to fully charge a phone.

Slower charging can be offset by great battery life, but given that most older models have around 4,000 mAh batteries, the company should consider slightly faster charging speeds.

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Connectivity and Carrier Support

Connectivity-wise, NUU phones generally perform well without any signal loss. However, it’s important to note that only a few NUU models support 5G, as most are limited to 4G.

As of today, we recommend opting for a 5G phone, as 5G has mostly become the norm.

NUU unlocked smartphones are compatible with major North American carrier networks, including T-Mobile, AT&T, Allvoi Wireless, Beast Mobile, Best Cellular, Boom! Mobile, Boost Mobile, Boss Wireless, Consumer Cellular, EarthLink Mobile, Gen Mobile, Google Fi, GoSmart Mobile, Hello Mobile, Kroger Wireless, and others.

Please note that NUU phones are not compatible with carriers that use CDMA technology, such as Verizon and Sprint in the United States. However, compatibility can vary depending on the specific model and the bands it supports.

Price and Value for Money

Pricing is the main reason why some people prefer NUU phones. As this brand targets budget-conscious customers, the pricing of these phones is very appealing.

You can get NUU phones for $100 to $300. During sales, some models can even be found for less than $100.

The good news is that even phones under $100 offer a decent experience. They are serviceable in every aspect.

In terms of value, NUU phones perform admirably. While they may not deliver excellent value, considering the price, they certainly offer solid value.

For instance, finding an Android phone for $100 is rare, but NUU offers one with good specs.

Overall, NUU smartphones are competitively priced and deliver good value for the money.

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Customer Support and Warranty

NUU customer support is just average. They offer online chat, and their staff is friendly and helpful, but many customers are not satisfied with their service.

Firstly, NUU phones are not of the highest quality and are more likely to face issues.

Secondly, since NUU is not as big as market giants like Samsung or Apple, their customer service is understandably less robust.

Many users have complained about customer support, and we find those complaints valid.

So overall, NUU customer support is below average.

User Reviews and Feedback

NUU Phones User Reviews and Feedback

After carefully analyzing user reviews, we found that NUU phones have garnered average to good ratings.

Some models, like the B20 5G and A23 Plus, have received below-average ratings and are among the most returned phones on Amazon. It indicates significant user dissatisfaction with these models.

However, there is a positive side, too. Smartphones like the A15 4G and B30 Pro 5G have received great user feedback, showing a good satisfaction level.

We’re not saying these phones are amazing, but some NUU models are notably better than others.

One thing we’d like to emphasize is not to rely solely on the ratings. Check the reviews carefully, analyze the specifications, and then make an informed decision. Also, consider negative reviews, as they will give you an idea about common issues.

Conclusion: Are NUU Phones Any Good?

NUU smartphones may not suit everyone’s needs. They are particularly suitable for gifting to elders in the family.

If you’re a young person considering a NUU phone for yourself, go for the latest models as they offer better specs and support for an additional OS update.

The primary appeal of NUU phones is their affordability. If you’re on a tight budget, NUU phones are a worthwhile option. However, if your budget is around $300, there are better alternatives available from brands like OnePlus and Moto.

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1. Who makes Nuu phones?

NUU Mobile is a smartphone brand manufactured by NUU Mobile Inc., headquartered in Miami, Florida. The company was founded in 2010 as a joint venture between Sun Cupid Group, based in Hong Kong, and Noetic Inc., located in the United States.

2. Are NUU phones compatible with my carrier?

NUU phones are generally compatible with carriers that use GSM networks, such as AT&T and T-Mobile in the United States. This means NUU phones should work seamlessly if your carrier operates on GSM technology. However, NUU phones may not be compatible with carriers that use CDMA networks, such as Verizon and Sprint.

Here is a list of supported carriers for NUU phones: T-Mobile, AT&T, Allvoi Wireless, Beast Mobile, Best Cellular, Boom! Mobile, Boost Mobile, Boss Wireless, Consumer Cellular, EarthLink Mobile, Gen Mobile, Google Fi, GoSmart Mobile, Hello Mobile, Kroger Wireless, Lycamobile, Mango Mobile, Metro by T-Mobile, Mint Mobile, Net10, Optimum Mobile, Patriot Mobile, Red Pocket Mobile, Republic Wireless, Simple Mobile, SpeedTalk Mobile, Straight Talk, Tello, TextNow, Ting Mobile, Tracfone, Ultra Mobile, UNREAL Mobile, US Mobile, Walmart Family Mobile, and many more.

3. Do NUU phones receive software updates?

Some newer models receive one software update and multiple security patches. However, many NUU phones do not receive major OS updates.

4. Are NUU phones waterproof?

No, NUU smartphones are not waterproof or water-resistant. Most NUU mobiles do not have any kind of IP rating for water resistance.

So, are NUU phones any good? We’ve addressed your doubts in our NUU phones review.

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If you still have questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

Additionally, share your thoughts and let us know if you agree or disagree with the points discussed here.

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