HP Victus vs HP Pavilion Gaming

The HP Victus and HP Pavilion Gaming laptops are among the most popular and top-selling models in the US, UK, and Asian markets.

Both series are known for delivering impressive gaming experiences at reasonable prices. This, however, can make choosing between them confusing.

To help you decide, here is the HP Victus vs HP Pavilion Gaming laptop comparison.

How did we compare the HP Victus and HP Pavilion?

Due to the numerous variants within both the HP Victus and Pavilion series, it’s impractical to compare each individual laptop against every counterpart in the other series.

Instead, we have evaluated all models within each series to provide an overview based on the average user experience they offer. If a specific variant from either series excels, it is highlighted in this comparison.

Design and Build

HP Victus vs HP Pavilion Design

The design of these two laptops sets them apart significantly.

HP Pavilion Gaming features an attractive, gaming-centric design with distinctive bottom cutouts on the hinge that clearly identify it as a gaming laptop.

On the other hand, HP Victus opts for a simpler, more professional design without such cutouts, making it suitable for office use as well.

Ultimately, the choice of design comes down to personal preference. Whether you prefer the gaming-centric look of the HP Pavilion or the understated professional design of the HP Victus, you can choose according to your taste.

In terms of build quality, both laptops are robustly constructed despite being primarily made of plastic, which is common in gaming laptops.

However, there has been an issue with wobbling in some HP Victus models, particularly older units. While this problem has been mitigated to some extent in newer units, slight wobbling is still noticeable on some HP Victus laptops.

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Both the HP Victus and Pavilion use the same display technology, resulting in similar panel quality between the two series.

Both laptops deliver good color reproduction, with the HP Victus displaying colors slightly deeper in the spectrum compared to the Pavilion series.

However, it’s important to note that neither laptop features vivid AMOLED panels due to their use of anti-glare technology, which can slightly alter color perception.

Does this affect the overall experience?

For most users, no. The anti-glare feature provides a significant advantage by minimizing reflections, which can otherwise interfere with the gaming experience.

When it comes to gaming performance, the refresh rate plays a crucial role. Both HP Victus and Pavilion offer various refresh rates across different models. Cheaper variants of both laptops typically feature a standard 60Hz refresh rate.

One small advantage of the Victus lies in its slightly smaller bezels compared to the Pavilion models.

Overall, while both laptops offer good displays, the HP Victus edges slightly ahead in this department.


Given the multiple variants available for both the HP Victus and Pavilion series, it’s important to evaluate performance based on the specific hardware configuration of each laptop.

In general, most variants of HP Victus and Pavilion offer similar configurations. However, through our usage, we’ve found that HP Victus tends to perform slightly better in gaming scenarios.

This performance advantage may stem from better optimization and support within the HP Victus series, resulting in higher FPS and smoother gameplay with fewer stutters. This trend holds across various models within both laptop series.

It’s crucial to note that this doesn’t mean the HP Pavilion is inadequate for gaming. Rather, HP Victus simply delivers better gaming experience overall.

Additionally, both laptops are capable of handling other demanding tasks such as photo and video editing effectively.

Based on our experience, if you prioritize gaming performance and overall enhanced performance, we recommend opting for HP Victus laptops.

Other Features

HP Victus vs HP Pavilion Features

Both laptops come equipped with a rich array of features that cater to diverse user needs.

  • RAM is upgradeable on both series, with HP Victus supporting up to 32GB and Pavilion supporting up to 16GB in most models.
  • Battery life is respectable on both, considering their powerful components, but HP Victus generally offers larger and longer-lasting battery options.
  • Connectivity options are comprehensive on both laptops, including Type C ports, RJ-45 Ethernet, Bluetooth 5.3, and WiFi 6E. Specific features may vary depending on the model.
  • Sound quality is impressive on both series, thanks to B&O dual speakers.
  • The cooling system is slightly more efficient on the HP Victus, contributing to better thermal management during heavy use.
  • It’s worth noting that neither series includes a fingerprint scanner.

Overall, both laptop series offer a range of useful features, but HP Victus tends to provide more robust options overall.

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Value for Money

When evaluating which laptop offers better value for money, pricing plays a crucial role. In this regard, HP Victus holds a strong position.

The HP Victus series starts at a competitive price point, with models available for under $500, specifically starting at $489.99. On the other hand, HP Pavilion Gaming laptops typically start at over $550.

Please note that these prices may vary over time, but this is the average cost you can expect.

While it’s true that higher-priced HP Pavilion models may offer more powerful features such as better CPUs, more RAM, and stronger GPUs, comparable configurations can often be found in the HP Victus series at a lower price.

Ultimately, HP Victus laptops provide solid performance at a lower cost, making them a compelling choice for those seeking true value for money.

Reasons to choose HP Victus over HP Pavilion

HP Victus stands out as one of the best gaming laptop series, offering options across various budget ranges from under $500 to $1500.

Here are the top reasons to opt for HP Victus over HP Pavilion:

Exceptional Gaming and Everyday Performance: All variants deliver superior gaming experiences and robust everyday performance.

Sleek and Professional Design: If you prefer a clean, professional look over more elaborate designs with funky cutouts, Victus laptops are an ideal choice.

Respectable Battery Life: Unlike many gaming laptops, Victus models provide solid battery life.

Feature-Rich: Loaded with features, there’s no shortage of functionalities to meet your needs.

Best Value-for-Money: Victus offers excellent value as a gaming laptop, balancing performance and affordability.

Pros of HP Victus Gaming Laptops:

  • Great display quality
  • Super thin bezels
  • Simple and professional design
  • Decent build quality
  • Powerful CPUs across all variants
  • Excellent GPU in top models, very good GPU in base models
  • Solid gaming performance
  • B&O dual speakers
  • Upgradeable RAM
  • Fast charging

Cons of HP Victus Gaming Laptops:

  • Lid wobbles slightly on all variants
  • Odd placement of the power button

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Reasons to choose HP Pavilion over HP Victus

HP Pavilion also stands as a solid choice from the company, offering compelling reasons to opt for it over HP Victus laptops:

Gaming-Centric Design: If you prefer a gaming-oriented appearance, the Pavilion’s design will appeal to you.

Strong Gaming Performance: With the right variant, HP Pavilion delivers robust gaming performance that meets expectations.

Good Display Quality: The display is well-suited for gaming and daily tasks, providing an enjoyable viewing experience.

Decent Battery Life: While not leading, Pavilion laptops offer respectable battery performance, though Victus holds an advantage here.

Value for Money: Pavilion is also positioned as a value-for-money laptop series, balancing features and cost-effectiveness.

Pros of HP Pavilion Gaming Laptops:

  • Good display quality for gaming
  • Thin side bezels
  • Eye-catching gaming design
  • Decent build quality
  • Powerful CPUs across all variants
  • Capable GPU from base to top models
  • Very good gaming performance
  • B&O dual speakers
  • Upgradeable RAM

Cons of HP Pavilion Gaming Laptops:

  • Higher base pricing
  • Battery life could be improved across all variants
  • RAM upgradeable up to 16GB only on most Pavilion gaming laptops

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Conclusion: HP Victus vs HP Pavilion, which one is better?

Choosing between HP Victus and HP Pavilion isn’t straightforward, but if we had to pick a winner, it would be the HP Victus series.

Currently, HP Victus offers the best value in the gaming laptop market. All variants deliver solid gaming performance at competitive prices, making them a reliable choice despite minor drawbacks.

HP Pavilion laptops also provide strong competition, particularly for those who prioritize eye-catching design. However, they may come with some trade-offs.

In conclusion, for its overall value and performance across different variants, the winner of the HP Victus vs HP Pavilion comparison is the HP Victus series.


1. What are the key differences between HP Victus and HP Pavilion gaming laptops?

HP Victus laptops generally offer better value for money with competitive pricing and solid gaming performance across all variants. They also feature a simpler, professional design compared to the gaming-centric appearance of HP Pavilion laptops.

2. Which series is better for gaming, HP Victus or HP Pavilion?

For gaming, HP Victus is generally considered better than HP Pavilion. Victus offers higher-end processors, more powerful graphics options, higher refresh rate displays, and improved cooling systems compared to Pavilion.

3. What are the main considerations when choosing between HP Victus and HP Pavilion?

When deciding between HP Victus and HP Pavilion, consider your performance requirements, budget, and design preferences. Victus excels with higher-end processors, superior graphics options, and advanced cooling for improved gaming performance. The Pavilion series also offers comparable features but at a slightly higher price point. However, you may find models from both series priced similarly with nearly identical specifications, providing options that cater to various needs and budgets.

4. Is there a significant difference in display quality between HP Victus and HP Pavilion?

HP Victus often offers displays with higher refresh rates and sometimes with better color accuracy and brightness compared to HP Pavilion. However, in general, the displays on both series are equally good, providing solid visual experiences suitable for gaming and multimedia consumption.

5. Are HP Victus and HP Pavilion laptops good for tasks other than gaming?

Yes, both HP Victus and HP Pavilion laptops are good for tasks other than gaming. They are versatile machines capable of handling everyday tasks such as web browsing, office productivity, multimedia consumption, and photo or video editing.

So, this concludes our comparison of HP Victus vs HP Pavilion. What are your thoughts on this comparison? Do you agree or disagree? We’d love to hear from you.

If you have any doubts or questions, please feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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