Apple has just introduced an eye-tracking feature in the first beta version of iOS 18. This feature is designed to allow you to control your iPhone using only your eyes, similar to the Apple Vision Pro.

If you’re curious about how to enable and use eye tracking on iOS 18, we’ve covered that right here.

Important Considerations to Start With

  • Please note that eye-tracking is currently in the beta version and may be inconsistent. We were unable to test it on an iPhone 14, but it worked on an iPhone 15 Pro Max.
  • To use this feature, you’ll need an iPhone 12 or later, as it won’t work on iPhone 11 series or older models.
  • As of now, there’s no guarantee that this feature will work reliably, even on iPhone 12 or later models. However, it is expected to improve in later beta versions and will definitely be functional in the final release of iOS 18.

How to Enable Eye Tracking on iOS 18?

  • Go to Settings, then tap on Accessibility.
  • Scroll down to the “Physical and Motor” section and locate the “Eye Tracking” option. Tap on it.
  • On the next screen, enable the “Eye Tracking” option by toggling the switch.
  • A black screen will appear with a message instructing you to “Follow the dot with your eyes as it moves around the screen,” along with a 5-second countdown.
  • Once the countdown ends, a blue dot will appear on the left upper corner of the screen. It will then move to the middle upper corner, then to the right, and continue moving around all corners.
  • After the process completes, the black screen will disappear, indicating that you have successfully enabled the eye tracking option on iOS 18.

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How to Use Eye Tracking on iOS 18?

  • After enabling Eye Tracking, you can use it by moving your eyes around the screen. The selector on the screen will move accordingly with your eye movements.
  • To select an item or open an app, focus your eyes on the desired target and hold your gaze steady for approximately 3 seconds.
  • It’s important to keep your eyes stable because even slight movements can affect the selector’s position. Ensure your eyes remain still for about 3 seconds to effectively use this feature.
  • Whether you want to open, close, minimize apps, or access settings, simply maintain a stable gaze on the target for around 3 seconds to perform your desired action.
  • That’s how you can utilize Eye Tracking on iOS 18.

Is Eye Tracking on iOS 18 Useful?

If you ask us, the eye tracking feature on iOS is useful in specific situations, such as when your hands are busy with cooking or for disabled individuals.

However, outside of these scenarios, we haven’t found many essential use cases for the eye-tracking feature.

One limitation is that you need to remain within range for the sensors to detect your eye movements. For instance, if you place your phone on a desk and try to operate it from across the room, the sensors may not detect your eye movements.

Therefore, when your hands are occupied with other tasks, you’ll need to stay within the operating range.

Another limitation is that if you casually look at an icon or option, it will trigger the operation.

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Things You Should Never Use Eye Tracking For

You can use eye-tracking for scrolling and selecting different options or apps, but you should never use it for typing unless absolutely necessary.

When typing, you need to focus on each alphabet one by one. Even for short and simple sentences, you’ll find yourself needing to focus on each letter individually.

This can become quite tedious, as even writing the simplest things can take a lot of time.

Conclusion: Is Eye Tracking on iOS 18 Worth It?

The Eye Tracking feature on iOS 18 is worth considering, but only in very specific scenarios.

We don’t recommend using it all the time. Use it only when necessary, and disable it at other times.

Since this feature is only useful in very specific situations, we haven’t included it in our list of best iOS 18 features.

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