Avita Laptops Review

If you’re thinking about purchasing an AVITA laptop, you might be wondering: Are AVITA laptops any good?

Around 2019, AVITA gained significant popularity in the USA and several other countries by introducing competitive-priced, impressive laptops to the market.

However, times have changed since then, and this narrative is now outdated. We’ll explain what that means in a moment.

So, are AVITA laptops still a good choice? Should you consider buying one? Let’s dive into our AVITA laptops review to find out.

About AVITA Company

AVITA started as a tech start-up in the United States but is now owned and operated by the Hong Kong-based company Nexstgo.

Initially unfamiliar in the US market, AVITA sought to attract buyers by introducing several laptops across various price ranges. However, the company has stopped launching new laptops in the US market, and their service centers are nearly non-existent.

Although some AVITA laptops can still be found for purchase online, we no longer recommend them. We’ll explain the reasons why.

Are AVITA laptops good?

Are AVITA laptops good?

Not every AVITA laptop was of high quality, but the same can be said for other major brands as well—perfection isn’t guaranteed in every product line.

While AVITA did introduce some laptops with inferior processors and limited storage, avoiding these models was prudent.

Conversely, AVITA also launched laptops that offered excellent value, delivering compelling specs at affordable prices. Compared to other brands charging $500 for similar configurations, AVITA provided them for $300, making a significant difference for budget-conscious buyers.

However, reliability and customer support became critical concerns. Many users reported issues with AVITA laptops, and repairs at service centers often resulted in prolonged wait times.

So, should you buy an AVITA laptop?

Considering the service and reliability issues, we highly recommend not purchasing AVITA laptops. It’s not that their laptops are inherently bad—some models are still commendable. Yet, these positives are overshadowed by frequent issues emerging shortly after purchase.

While we support new companies and their potential, customer care and product reliability must be prioritized. Even if an AVITA laptop is available for $300, it’s not worthwhile if it malfunctions within months without recourse.

Moreover, AVITA has stopped launching new models in the US and other markets, meaning available options feature older specifications.

Instead of buying AVITA laptops, we suggest opting for established brands like HP, Acer, Dell, ASUS, and Lenovo. Though slightly pricier, these brands offer better reliability and customer support, ensuring a more satisfying long-term investment.

For those in Hong Kong considering AVITA laptops, ensure they feature the latest specifications and come with robust customer support.

So overall, while AVITA showed promise, the lack of ongoing support and reliability issues make other brands a more dependable choice for laptop purchases.

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How is the Customer Support of Avita?

Most users have expressed dissatisfaction with AVITA’s customer support, mentioning frequent excuses and delayed laptop repairs.

While AVITA may not have the same established reputation as brands like Dell, Asus, HP, and Acer, they should still offer prompt technical analysis and timely resolutions.

When parts are unavailable, it is essential for the company to expedite their procurement rather than leaving customers waiting for extended periods.

Our critique of AVITA’s customer support stems from genuine concerns. While we have appreciated some of their laptop offerings, this issue remains significant.

Attempts to contact AVITA through their website revealed SSL security issues and redirects to their Hong Kong page, suggesting a shift in their market focus away from other regions.

While AVITA has introduced some attractive products, their inconsistent customer support and recent focus on markets like Hong Kong and potentially China indicate a reduced interest in the US and other international markets.

So, for those seeking reliable support and service, established brands will offer a more dependable choice.

Should You Buy AVITA Laptops?

Should You Buy AVITA Laptops?

There was a time when we recommended AVITA laptops for their compelling specifications and affordable pricing. However, given the current situation, we strongly advise not to purchase AVITA laptops, especially in the US.

If you live in Hong Kong, you may consider buying one, but it’s crucial to thoroughly check the specifications and assess the available customer support options beforehand.

Are AVITA Laptops Good for Gaming?

No, AVITA laptops aren’t designed for gaming, so don’t expect them to perform well for that purpose.

While light games may run just fine, if you’re looking for a laptop for hardcore gaming, you should consider dedicated gaming laptops.

Regardless of how good or expensive a non-gaming laptop is, it’s meant for daily use, not for playing intensive games.

Are AVITA Laptops Good for Students?

Despite the issues, it’s fair to say that AVITA laptops are suitable for students. They can handle everyday tasks that students typically perform.

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Are Avita laptops good for coding and programming?

A dedicated graphics card isn’t necessary for coding and programming tasks since coding doesn’t require the intensive graphical processing power that gaming or graphic design might demand.

The integrated GPU, coupled with a good CPU, is sufficient for handling coding tasks smoothly.

Therefore, AVITA laptops are suitable for coding, provided they remain functional. You can perform various types of coding tasks on these laptops without experiencing lag or interruptions.

Most Common AVITA Laptop Problems

AVITA laptops often have issues with longevity, with many users reporting that their devices stopped working within a year or even a few months. In addition, poor customer support is a frequent complaint, with delays in repairs and unresponsive service.

Parts for repairs are often unavailable, resulting in long wait times. Furthermore, AVITA has stopped launching new models in many markets, focusing mainly on Hong Kong, which means international users face outdated specs and limited support options.


When AVITA started their journey, they initially launched some impressive laptops in the US and received a positive response.

Had they continued to innovate and release quality devices consistently, they could have made a lasting impact. Unfortunately, the brand has since faded from the market, stopping to launch new models in many regions.

Therefore, if you’re considering purchasing AVITA laptops, we strongly advise you not to do so. Instead, opt for other brands known for offering reliable products and better ongoing support.

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So, are AVITA laptops good? We hope our AVITA laptops review has helped you find the answer. If you still have any doubts, feel free to ask in the comments section.

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